Darkness takes over the heart and soul,
And tomorrow is lost in the mind,
While in the shadows of the night,
Memory is all we find,
Dreams become a battleground,
Are we awake or do we sleep,
And in the action of give and take,
What shadows do we keep.
The eyes are closed what do we see,
Do we see life or is it death,
To what things does the heart hold fast,
With each and every breath,
A kaleidoscope of colors,
In the darkness are they unseen,
While in the cycle of day and night,
The heart and soul somewhere between.
Immersed inside a nightly dream,
In this land of shadows and dark,
As distance is a relative thing,
Together or apart,
The shadows hold out open arms,
As a whispered vice we hear,
A face is crying drops of blood,
In our mirror a vacant stare.
Through the darkness a voice reaches out,
A shadow that has a name,
Does the face match the heart,
Are the soul and heart the same,
We see an open vista,
An endless sea of graves,
The land of all our broken hopes,
Discarded dreams that no one saves.
In the darkness music plays,
A haunting funeral dirge,
As the heart dances with the darkness,
Waiting for love to emerge,
Evil laughter fills the air,
But is that laughter our own,
And after a time the darkness is easy,
If for so long it’s all we’ve known.
As we dance with the darkness,
It becomes easy to ignore the light,
Change becomes a thing of pain,
Magnified by the night,
Love takes on a shadowed garb,
A face framed by long dark hair,
And in our dance with the darkness,
Love lives in a tear.

February 2nd, 2017

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