Flying Fear


We’re firmly planted on the ground,
But we don’t need a plane to fly,
Through the years we cultivate fear,
And our hearts just wave goodbye,
If we think about it in a physical sense,
Is our dreaming somehow subdued,
Can we attach flying to the soul,
Or is reality then abused.
If at night when you dream,
You dream of flying with no assistance,
But when we remember a specific dream,
Why is it met with resistance,
For ages the thought of flying,
Was thought a thing we can not do,
Yet someone took things from a dream,
And their effort made that dream come true.
Flying is also accomplished,
With emotions that make spirits soar,
And once you have a taste of love,
The heart wants to fly some more,
At times emotions can be so profound,
They can make dreams touch the sky,
And as that love is held inside,
A heart just wants to fly.
If within our conscious thought,
We see and feel love,
Hearts and souls are bound together,
And with our dreams they rise above,
People think of love that was,
But is it then a real force,
Because real love will endure,
And it never holds remorse.
Circumstance might control things,
To make us believe that love is lost,
But sometimes love is real and pure,
Though holding it can have a cost,
A heart can believe it’s real,
Even though we’re called a fool,
Love endures through every day,
To become our flying tool.
With love our hearts are enabled to fly,
With it’s flight a thing to behold,
And though a heart’s a fickle thing,
It’s the most important story told,
If love is not a part of life,
Do we have a fear of flying,
And if you can’t hold on to love,
It’s yourself that you’re denying.

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