Deported To Darkness

to Marcy Howard

Twilight, brings, new sights and sounds;landmarks, recede, to shadows,
As mistakes, condemn, a heart;to hang, upon love’s gallows,
A cycle, that life, sustains;inside, a close, inspection,
As, the darkness, shrouds, your sight;with betrayal, beyond detection.
Though, an act, may, be hidden;shadowed, beyond, the light,
A whisper, of, events to come;with motive, perceived right,
The night, will shroud, those deeds, undone;but their, commission, is the crime,
As, another’s, motivation;inside caring, deemed sublime.
While, intent, is not, the foe;ommission, creates, the fear,
For discovery, may end it all;to become, an endless, tear,
The twilight, holds, the painful knowledge;the heart’s gallows, go unseen,
As an answer, is lost, somehow;somewhere, in between.
Darkness, hides, the things you’ve done;but also, hides, the corrections,
And lost, inside, theses shadows, somehow;are your, heart’s, true intentions,
The night, becomes, your heart’s, tightening noose;self condemnation, does not end,
Until, you hold, your love again;this twilight, will be, your friend.
     the light is love.And love lives!!!!!



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