to you

In the middle of an open field,
Rain and sleet come pouring down,
I sit to feel the pouring rain,
With open space the peace I’ve found,
Sleet and snow fall with the rain,
As the rain walks across the field,
While the rain falls in wind blown waves,
And the sleet refuses to yield.
I cry out loud but none can hear,
Pain becomes all I feel,
Though I also securely hold love,
And in my arms each night it’s real,
Sitting in this frozen field,
Soaked literally to the skin,
The wind is howling as the rain is falling,
And the screams are held within.
With the expanse of openness,
Outside influences can be seen,
We’re left to fend for ourselves,
In this land of soggy dreams,
Water pours in rivulets,
To run down an upturned face,
Tears cried so many times,
That the tear stains won’t erase.
The wind howls through barren trees,
The screaming of a soul,
Knowing that she’s alive and well,
To be forever less than whole,
The voice a soul does not have,
Becomes a roar inside the head,
Kept alive by the heart,
One less funeral instead.
A river falling one drop at a time,
The storm’s ferocity all that’s heard,
A face pelted by rain and sleet,
With it’s voice robbed of words,
A scream unheard inside the a storm,
Is like a smile that no one sees,
To make room for things we need.
The raindrops are a substitute,
For when there’s no tears left to cry,
Love that’s living inside the heart,
At times wears a disguise,
The rain water’s the things inside,
And each day it’s love that shows,
While every moment of every day,
With this rain love’s bound to grow.

January 28th, 2017

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