Different sights and different sounds,
Different people and different seasons,
Different hates and different likes,
With different scars and  different reasons,
All these different perspectives,
Yet still we’re all the same,
We all bleed bright red blood,
And we all possess a name.
Different times and different places,
Different smiles and different tears,
Different days and different nights,
In different darkness with different fears,
As individuals we all are different,
But we pretend that we can see,
Is it only an image given,
Anything close to who we might be.
Different finishes and different starts,
Different paths with different destinations,
Different lives with different hearts,
With different hesitations,
We begin our lives all the same,
Babies with different circumstance,
We all begin at day one,
As life holds out our chance.
Different good and different bad,
Different ideas of what life means,
Different beginnings and different conclusions,
Different roles and different scenes,
Though we all are different,
And though we long for paradise,
Finding love completes us,
In our hearts without advice.
Different times to start our days,
Different times when our days end,
Different wants with different needs,
Different enemies and different friends,
We walk our paths down different roads,
Yet our hearts still beat inside,
Our hearts and minds provide the truth,
So why is it that we hide.

January 22nd, 2017

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