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Sometimes when trouble comes our way,
We ask ourselves what to do,
Though the past provides experience,
Instincts may not come through,
Sometimes answers are hard to find,
At times it’s hard to make a choice,
Yet hearing what another thinks,
Helps what’s inside find a voice.
We all have things we find important,
Yet in what do we truly believe,
Sometimes wrapped in emotions,
It’s our own hearts that we deceive,
Advice may be quickly given,
Doesn’t mean it’s right for you,
It’s just a real example,
Of what the giver would probably do.
It all comes down to what’s in the heart,
Whether you believe it or it’s denied,
The mind provides the bars and locks,
As on our memories we’ve relied,
Though it sometimes takes awhile,
A heart can find the way,
And if we find the things we want,
Does the heart then run away.
If in a person we believe,
Of ourselves what do we think,
Do we struggle with our choices,
Is the past our only link,
We struggle with our long held scars,
We see comfort in our tears,
And in the middle of the night,
We scream yet no one hears.
Our dreams we hold inside our hearts,
And they remain in lieu of rejection,
Caring isn’t some malady,
It’s the cure not the infection,
If we push away the things found real,
Then what do we actually hold,
Because if we insulate our hearts,
What should warm us makes us cold.
I know the way I feel about you,
And it just won’t go away,
But what I feel is unconditional,
It lives every day,
When eating and even sleeping,
Become a meaningless chore,
No matter what is said or done,
Each day, I need you even more.

July 11th,2016

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