Every Day

To Marcy Howard

I’m no longer all alone;because destiny brought me you,
And no matter what the fates decide;I’m within the things you do,
Regardless of the circumstance;or the questions life might pose,
Even in our cluttered minds;the heart already knows.
What we found needs no debate;and I will not pretend,
That what we found does not exist;as the night daily descends,
All I need is to close my eyes;for then we’re not alone,
Surrounded by life’s events;and the nightmares we are shown.
As these eyes are tightly closed;I see my future’s face,
And in the darkness we reach out;to hold the love in place,
Never feel you’re by yourself;I’m always by your side,
Even if the love we found;we attempt to hide.
On a trail or in your bed;this smile lives for you,
Inside every days events;and hearts that know it’s true,
This heart and mind hold you close;each and every day,
And in our eyes its kept alive;through tomorrow and today.



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