Two Names


Are there times when just a name,
Is better than nothing at all,
When whispering a name to yourself,
Helps you stand instead of fall,
At the time when life seems darkest,
And nothing seems to matter much,
Two names reach out from the past,
And the lack of human touch.
Most times memory supports me,
Even as happiness becomes a game,
The picture dulled by the tears,
In a  broken wooden frame,
Silence becomes an enemy,
Creating a scene for continual thought,
And with the price of our ticket,
Was this destination what we sought.
At night a dream transports me,
To that place where reality trips,
And when awakening from our dreams,
A name lives on these lips,
Pain runs through the body,
It accompanies the physical aches,
Comprised of whispering a name alone,
With the knowledge of our mistakes.
The words I love you clearly hold,
Some internal empty space,
But a name escapes within the sobs,
While closed eyes see an absent face,
A dream takes on another role,
With it’s entirety colored red,
As my ears strain to hear a voice,
And two names echo in my head.
To one name I whisper I’m sorry,
While to the other I whisper good bye,
And letting go of either one,
Makes both loves just a lie,
Paradise for some may be a place,
But for me it’s in someone arms,
Entwined in life forever,
Those two names my lucky charms.
In the process of saying good bye to one,
I lost sight of holding the other,
Does it have to mean I lose them both,
In the pain and guilt do I smother,
Though I live and surely breathe,
My existence is just those two names,
While all my hopes and dreams and love,
Live in just those two names.

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