Feeled and Forest

to Marcy Howard

Honestly, I am not cold, though sitting, under the stars,
Sitting here, all alone, no sound, not even cars,
A silent scene, devoid, of sound, personal isolation,
Hoping to, anchor love, with silent desperation.
As the breeze, chills, these bones, a nature scene, unfolds,
A deer, appears, then, is gone, a secret, the forest holds,
As, the memory, of your touch, transports me, back in time,
When I still held, my angel tight, and love, was not, a mime.
As shadows dance, among, the trees, snow, begins to fall,
As the mind, controls the heart, while, it feels, winter’s call,
Creatures dance, in pale moonlight, as, the hours, pass by,
While, this field, where I sit, is beneath the starry sky.
You may ask, why, I sit, out in, this freezing cold,
At the edge, of this field, gazing, at a dream, we sold,
Though the cold, encroaches, this scene, calms the soul,
For there are, so many secrets, that a darkened forest holds.
Sitting, in this field, with, seemingly, broken dreams,
Silence, I already hold, and it’s covered up, by leaves,
I must make, a broken heart, become, a voice, that’s heard,
Across, the frozen, fields and streams, the heart’s unspoken word.
As my hands, grow numb, and snow, fills the air,
The forest, softly, whispers to me, understands, why I’m there,
For, without the grasp, or even lure, of all, the things we hold,
It, helps me see, I’ll stand for love, as the forest’s love, unfolds
   IT still beats for you.Love Lives!!!



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