A Weather’s Echo


The weather now transitions,
To simmer from our spring,
With each day a new experience,
What might the winds now bring,
The wind may blow with ferocity,
Temperatures could rise or fall,
And on a night it’s below freezing,
The heart remembers all,
Every aspect of the weather,
Might occur in short periods of time,
As winds blow in the feeling,
Is it you I was meant to find.
Snow or rain could pour down,
Maybe sunshine or floating clouds,
While all the things we hold inside,
Are the things a heart allows,
One day when its raining,
The eyes hold back their tears,
When the thunder finds it’s voice,
Is it just the heart that hears,
Though wind may make it hard to walk,
Eyes blinded by the rain,
Is it the manifestation,
Of hidden love or hidden pain.
Sunlight can manifest itself,
As a light shining from the eyes,
With anger being the lightning bolt,
That emerges from the sky,
Can love be a sky of blue,
Do clouds become our pain,
And are the tears that we shed,
Just echoes of the rain,
Our lives become the seasons,
A mirror if things inside,
As fog just makes it easier,
To conceal the things we hide.
As soon as spring time settles in,
And thunderstorms roam the sky,
Its a mirror of reaching hearts,
That won’t allow our dreams to die,
So many aspects of the weather,
Are the things we truly are,
And all the hopes and dreams we have,
Are those distant twinkling stars,
Seasons might be our changing moods,
But thinking of you I am not cold,
And as a lightning bolt strikes the ground,
It’s a dream that we both hold..

June 26th,2016

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