Heaven and Hell


In my sleep I see a woman,
A woman I’ve held before,
And when the daylight hours come,
I wish I held her more,
Pieces of dreams are held hostage,
By the overwhelming need,
To hold happiness in these arms,
And on the emotions feed,
An angel in the daylight,
But a devil in the dark,
And without her arms around me,
This silence leaves it’s mark,
As the darkness beckons,
And I see her long dark hair,
She softly whispers to this heart,
Assuring me that she’s near.
A halo sits on top of her head,
But it’s perched atop two horns,
And though I lie in bed alone,
I wear her crown of thorns,
Is the image  someone real,
Because I know the face quite well,
That image is my heaven,
It walks me through this hell.
Past and present live in her eyes,
And the future is in her voice,
And as the heart holds her close,
The mind is left no choice,
As she speaks her voice is music,
A tune that echoes with my tears,
A song that foretells the future,
That only the heart can hear.
Heaven holds out empty arms,
While the arms of hell are full,
And every memory I summon,
Exerts a heavy pull,
There’s an assortment of emotions,
As I gaze upon her face,
And every step that’s taken,
I feel like I’m running in place.
Does she host in heaven,
Or is hell Where she’s at home,
Can she see all I feel,
And that without her I’m alone,
It doesn’t really matter,
She plays the role so well,
And without her in my life,
I know both heaven and hell.

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