Saved Behavior


Events can make us lose ourselves,
As we ponder what’s occurred,
And our reactions in the past,
Become the experience we incurred,
It’s hard to find another way,
If you’re used to just one thing,
While possibility becomes a banner,
That hopes and dreams can bring.
If you behave a certain way,
In a certain circumstance,
Is there any alternative found,
Can you even take the chance,
If your life goes down a foggy path,
At some point does it clear,
But is that even a possibility,
If you’re the one you fear.
Learned behavior is hard to break,
When it’s embedded in your core,
And with any sign of trouble,
We run straight back for more,
An invisible chain forged by life,
That is so difficult to break,
While the feeling that it still would work,
Is just another error we make.
Results are seen in the distant past,
And there’s that thought that method would work,
But when you walked away back then,
It’s you that became the jerk,
You see the things that you’ve lost,
With so little that you gained,
Even though you paid a price,
The issue still remained.
As you try to lose the behavior,
It’s hard to know what to do,
Because all the anger still inside,
Through the years is part of you,
Can you overlook another’s acts,
When used to another way,
Destroying the object of your wrath,
Didn’t work yesterday.
Forcing pain on another,
Because they did something to you,
Just turns into an endless cycle,
And reason can’t come through,
Though there’s a certain satisfaction,
In giving the transgressor what they gave,
No one can answer for another’s acts,
It’s ourselves we need to save.

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