I Wish

To Marcy Howard

I wish there was a way, to whisper your name,
That would make you appear right here,
I wish that I could smell your perfume,
As I nibble on your ear,
I wish that I could feel your touch,
And in your eyes, see that you care.
I wish the past would release its grasp,
So both our hearts were free,
I wish our souls were free again,
Yet without you, that won’t be,
I wish that I could see your smile,
And know that smile’s for me.
I wish the pain would disappear,
So the hidden tears would cease,
I wish we held each other close,
So we’d once again have peace,
I wish the dreams would come true,
To pay this nightmare’s lease.
I wish our hearts could be unchained,
So for each other, we could reach,
I wish we walked hand in hand,
On some deserted tropical beach,
I wish we kept each other warm,
And overlook the gossip’s bleach.
I wish you’d let me speak to you,
To prove, there’s nothing to fear,
I wish you’d let me prove to you,
That loves real and that I care,
I wish you’d give your heart back to me.
To end the mirrors lifeless stare.
     Only you.



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