Internal Rain


Raindrops bring a thought to mind,
And my eyes close to see,
As fragments of dreams give chase,
To the dreams already free,
At times the mind is tortured,
It sees what is the key,
All those things I truly need,
Are locked inside of me.
Visions from a heart that’s tattered,
Projected by the mind,
It’s not all the things we want,
Yet it’s more than what we find,
Sometimes the options are limited,
And I’m left with who I am,
While every time I think of you,
Makes me more and more your fan.
I see happiness through the darkness,
There’s always a flickering light,
Leaving me with the feeling,
That what was found is right,
At times I thought I could replace you,
But I couldn’t have been more wrong,
It’s hard to hear the heart speaking,
If you only hear one song.
The music that I hear each day,
Emanates from the soul,
The heart and mind play the tune,
And by it the heart’s consoled,
A tune that plays through memories
That through the mists of time is heard,
And though at times it seems forgotten,
I remember every word.
In the song I see a figure,
With each word a familiar touch,
And when I need her even more,
Does that need become to much,
A window opens inside the mind,
And I look down upon this heart,
Wondering at all the things I see,
In the canyon of being apart.
I stare at an expanse of ocean,
Standing on soggy sand,
Footprints go off in the distance,
With two figures walking hand in hand,
It might seem the scenes far away,
But the raindrops bring them close,
And the love I found with you,
Forever has a host!!!

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