Imperfect Perfection

To Marcy Howard

When we think of that perfect dream,
It can involve so many things,
Maybe it consists of thoughts,
Of what satisfaction brings,
It might be that perfect woman,
Or maybe even that perfect man,
And there are things we overlook,
That we don’t seem to understand.
Perfection may be just a dream,
Does it exist in any place,
Though it might live in the mind,
Can it live in a pretty face,
A life might be spent searching,
For a thing we can not find,
And though it can live in a heart,
It just clutters up the mind.
Every aspect of our lives,
Contains both good and bad,
How can we believe in happy,
If there’s never any sad,
There are two sides to every question,
That involve the heart and mind,
And a dream is not attainable,
If you never search, you can not find.
Every love is not a perfect thing,
As humans we all make mistakes,
Yet to find the love we dream of,
We must overcome the times when love breaks,
The closest thing to perfection,
That in this life I’ve found,
Is a love that had to leave,
So ours could stick around.
Everything in this life,
Takes work to make it live,
And if at times you have to take,
There are those times we have to give,
I know you try your very best,
To deny how you truly feel,
But I embrace the love we found,
And with each other, our perfection’s real.
      Only with you!!!



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