Fear the Monster

To Marcy Howard

A monster hides and lurks about,
As he reaches out of time,
And though at times it seems he’s gone,
He exists in fears sublime,
You might think he can’t find you,
He needs not even look,
While we believe he has no name,
Its the future that he took.
This monster has no features,
No eyes or even a face,
It is the fear that holds us all,
And fear lives every place,
It reaches from our memories,
And no one is immune,
Coloring the scars that we possess,
And playing his own tune.
We try to protect our children,
To minimize what they fear,
Yet even with our efforts,
This monsters always near,
We refer to it as he,
Yet its shape changes with the past,
For it can take on any form,
Within our scars that last.
The only way this monster obeys,
Is if you face it nose to nose,
Because it needs fear to live,
And with fear its presence grows,
Minds hold all our secrets,
Yet hearts can set them free,
And if we break the pasts old scars,
This monster can not be.
     Us both.
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