Inside Out

to Marcy Howard

To, my darling, Marcy, there are some things, I’d like to say,
And since, you won’t, talk to me, I have to do it, this way,
I’d rather, tell you, face to face, but your love for me, you fear,,
So, as we slowly, march along, You make it seem, that you don’t care.
Anyone, who knows you, can see, through your charade,
You put love, on a hold, but it just, can’t be delayed,
To say, I love you darling, is now, a dream of mine,
Even though, already known, inside the, memories, combined.
There is nothing, about you, could change, what’s in my heart,
But at some point, you will see, that we were given, a start,
To trust the person, who’s heart you have, a person, that you love,
To always stand, by your side, like, the blue skies, above.
Forever, you’re, my darling, and forever, I’ll love you true,
And I know, my darling, I have the same, with you,
With, the volume, of the silence, and the ringing, in my ears,
Maybe, no one will notice, I’m drowning, in these tears.



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