Inside the sELF


Enchanted lands live inside,
Lands of emerald green,
And all the places we’d like to be,
Seem lost somewhere between,
Paradise lives and breathes,
If only in our minds,
Different worlds held within,
By each person defined.
We close our eyes to go away,
Because it only takes a thought,
Places that really do exist,
Yet the ticket’s never bought,
It could be a place we’ve been,
Or a place we’d like to go,
Close your eyes and really believe,
Because sometimes dreams can grow.
Every place we can think of,
Combined with the places we’ve been,
Add up to our paradise,
And a face that wears a grin,
Though you may not have the money,
Do you even have the desire,
Close your eyes and use your mind,
Imagination is all you require.
Paradise to some is a sandy beach,
While to other’s it’s a mountain trail,
Regardless of where you’d like to go,
With your dreams you can not fail,
You don’t need any money,
You don’t even need fancy clothes,
Close your eyes to take the trip,
No one has to know.
Some think money buys happiness,
While others know it can not,
The simple act of thinking,
Can give you what others forgot,
If you close your eyes to remember,
What new places might you find,
And can you actually figure out,
It’s all just in the mind.
Today turns into tomorrow,
And the past gets left behind,
As all the dreams we hold onto,
are just part of life’s design,
Paradise might seem far away,
But it only takes simple thought,
And with your eyes tightly closed,
You find the love you’ve sought.

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