In this life I’ve experienced things,
That other’s couldn’t handle,
With dreams hung on a fireplace,
To decorate the mantle,
We hope through life we bend not break,
To hold our dreams up high,
Though our dreams become a banner,
That’s unfurled inside our eyes.
We hear the things we’re asked to hear,
With no need for self compassion,
But in the course of living life,
We’re fed the current fashion,
Half the time our eyes are filled,
With the art of manipulation,
And in the course of swallowing all we’re fed,
Our minds suffer through strangulation.
It seems we listen to all we’re told,
With facts altered so they appease,
Then we’re asked what’s wrong with us,
But someone forgot to say please,
We listen to the negative news,
The truth hidden behind the smoke,
Then we’re told it’s all our fault,
But why are things still broke.
We’re given news to listen to,
But what is truth and what is lies,
With truth that’s hidden behind closed doors,
With the motives in disguise,
What’s the use of having ears,
If nothing heard is true,
While all the talking that is done,
Leaves blame a worn out shoe.
Is there something between the lines,
That’s so blurred it’s hard to see,
And as we listen to alibis,
Who the hell is free,
Everything’s monitored and maintained,
But you better not protest,
As all the things we’re being fed,
Are impossible to digest.
Listen for what’s not being said,
As the plastic faces speak,
Listen for that whisper of truth,
That each day becomes more weak,
Listen for the alibis,
Not everything should be accepted,
Listen for our freedom’s ring,
Listen to the people rejected.

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