Live and Breathe

To Marcy Howard

Again it becomes that time of year,
That I remember every day,
But even still my only wish,
Is you were happy on your birthday,
Heaven and hell tied together,
Yet somehow still apart,
With every breath a memory,
That’s kept alive by the heart.
At times life seems a living death,
Being stuck on earth alone,
And in a time of daily need,
My belief in you has grown,
As this heart pumps it’s beat,
The flowing blood is yours,
While in the dark and dead of night,
It’s love that still endures.
Life goes on with every breath,
Yet inside there’s a gaping hole,
It’s the piece I’m missing now,
The other half to my soul,
With each breath I hold the thought,
It’s you that lights my way,
As long as life and breath carry on,
This heart beats for you each day.
       Love lives.



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