Marcy 1

to marcy howard

Your eyes, relay a story, of dreams and thoughts held dear,
Yet, the fragrance of your perfume, holds, my sanity where,
The heart can’t hold conversation, yet neither, can a tear,
But as you look at the water, you know, why it’s there,
A dream, can last a lifetime, yet there’s always reality,
And love, can be held internal, but is that, how it should be?
Revel, in the feeling, yet hate, the embrace of silence,
Where was I searching, did I straddle the fence,
Love, is not a light switch, there is, no off and on,
And if it’s purposely dimmed, does that mean, it will be gone,
No one, can really answer that, who, would embrace, such pain,
If we turn our backs, on good, can we still be sane?
How, can something good, get twisted, into bad,
Because, I think of fairness, can it mean, I’m mad,
When you look in the mirror, what do you  tell, the person, you see,
That, you’re really happy, or you just appear to be,
This dream, never ends, because love, will never die,
It’s embedded in your heart, and shines from your eyes.



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