Memories Wait

To Marcy Howard

A meeting at a restaurant,
An innocent stolen kiss,
And all the things that we found,
Are the things that we now miss,
A day at the Jersey shore,
Walking flea markets hand in hand,
Hiking trails with no destination,
Together, woman and man.
We have the pieces to the puzzle,
Yet will the puzzle ever be complete,
And as we seem to push away,
The love we can’t defeat,
We talked of things in the future,
Discussed our hopes and dreams,
And as we gaze at familiar things,
Apart, the memory screams.
We made changes to our lives,
But those changes weren’t real,
We only changed the circumstances,
Not the way we feel,
We found the missing piece,
Though its temperature might change,
Still the fire burns inside,
The flame won’t rearrange.
Would I like to see you,
You know the answers yes,
But just a whisper from your voice,
Could make this waiting seem much less,
I hold the things I see in you,
The need lives in my soul,
And I am now forever yours,
It’s the only way Im whole.



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