No Twisted

To Marcy Howard

You try to make me hate you,
Even though you know I don’t,
Hoping to make it easier,
Yet we know that it won’t,
Somehow good gets twisted around,
So we can call it bad,
Running from our hearts,
And realized dreams we had.
Now it seems you hide yourself,
But you can’t hide from me,
I feel all your pain,
Through the pretending, I can see,
You have me in your heart,
Embrace the woman inside,
Let the chains fall away,
There’s nothing to decide.
All we’re doing is hiding,
From what we know should be,
As the past chains us down,
Our shackles made for free,
You can alter it any way,
You can turn it, you can twist,
Still doesn’t change the fact,
It’s love that you resist.
I refuse to allow my soul,
To be tricked of love’s demise,
For you’re the only woman,
That I need to stay alive,
Valentine’s day is for hearts,
And though in body I’ll be alone,
Love is not twisted around,
Needing you, each day has grown!
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