Powerless by Paradise

To Marcy Howard

The gate is now opened to paradise,
But with it comes a price,
Once you taste the heaven within,
Anything less leaves us cold as ice,
We see the things that love can be,
But we banish them with distance,
And no matter how much strength you have,
In the future, its just futile resistance.
Once this gate swings open,
Your soul is now possessed,
The heart becomes a useless thing,
A machine beating in your chest,
At times the beating, quickens or slows,
With messages sent to the brain,
Yet paradise now knows your name,
And you’re left powerless, less than sane.
As we see what eden is,
We forget things already seen,
Overlooking the price to pay,
Forgetting what love can mean,
Though that paradise is enticing,
Love shouldn’t be the cost,
Because love is what I found with you,
And that love can not be lost.
Paradise for me is long dark hair,
A piercing and a few tattoo’s,
A sip of coffee sitting close,
You are the paradise I choose,
Yet as always there is a price,
I’m left waiting here alone,
Powerless to resist,
The paradise I’ve been shown.



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