Not Forgot


You might think I’ve forgotten,
And at times I wish I could,
But every night the heart reaches out,
While knowing it always would,
Sure the nights are the hardest,
Because I’m left alone with my thoughts,
As all the memories I have of you,
Visit without being sought.
Some might say I live in the past,
But that’s not accurate at all,
Because all the things I found with you,
Were built to never fall,
At times I wish I could walk away,
But with all my heart I still believe,
And all the things we said to each other,
It’s loneliness they relieve.
It would be nice to sleep each night,
And sleep the whole night through,
Yet every night I keep waking up,
Immersed in thoughts of you,
I wake up drenched in sweat,
With the hope my dream is real,
But it seems to be a reflection,
Of the things that I still feel.
I’ve tried to find that inner solace,
But it’s eluded me so far,
Yet all my thoughts are filled with you,
Even wishes on the stars,
Every substance known to man,
Provides no relief each night,
As every day becomes my struggle,
Because it’s you that’s still my light.
By no means am I complaining,
And if I did it would do no good,
Because in my dreams I reach for you,
As each morning I knew I would,
The words I’s say are locked inside me,
They’re reserved for only you,
There’s no one that can take your place,
In the darkness you shine through.
I clearly remember your birthday,
And I still smell the scent of pears,
While whispers from inside my dreams,
Are your voice that this heart hears,
As always I only wish you the best,
What we found hasn’t gone away,
As always this heart still is yours,
And love lives here every day.

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