Written Right


Words just seem to come to me,
As their written on the page,
The words take on changing moods,
From elation to hidden rage,
At times the words emanate hope,
But at times they’re not enough,
While the image in my mirror,
Holds hollow eyes that rebuff.
So many ways to say one thing,
Can love live in a word,
An echo from another heart,
With three words that were heard,
Echoes ripple throughout a life,
Like a stone skipped across a lake,
With words holding hope and faith,
Pretending to heal heart break.
Emotions living in the  heart,
Become a river of deep thought,
Different words for different moods,
In the moment sometimes caught,
The words revolve in circles,
They’re imitating the moon,
But they travel around an emotion,
And the memory of a moving tune.
It’s easy to say I love you,
And it can be said so many ways,
Yet no matter the mood or emotion,
It’s not a game that this heart plays,
The emotion survives inside a heart,
That all might think is broken,
But this heart revolves around those words,
That both of us have spoken.
The words are penned by a heart,
And they flow onto the page,
They may always say something similar,
As with passing time we age,
Is it simpler just to voice the words,
Even though no one can hear,
The answer lives in the mirror,
With the tears that are clearly glistening.
Can three words say to much,
But a mountain of words say the same,
While all I say repeats the thought,
That love lives in her name,
No matter what the world might say,
It’s very real every night,
And if love’s conveyed inside these words,
The every word is written right.

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