for Eileen Conrad, to Marcy Howard

It seems, these days, we always look, for some root, or cause,
And as love, seems to, roll along, does, it ever pause,
Who we are, and what we dream, with another, can be shared,
As mistakes, don’t equal up, to, I never cared.
I think, of, a woman gone, and the thought, brings a smile,
For the days, she gave, to me, amid life’s, refuse pile,
Valiantly, she fought, the fight, that, she could not, win,
Never, giving up, at all, she faced it, with a grin.
Eileen, gave me, so very much, she showed me, there was more,
And while, I silently, wave goodbye, her love.placed on life’s shore,
I’m confronted, with the fact, that she, lives, in another place,
With, the only thing, I’m left to hold, this memory, of her face.
Is it wrong, to find another, while drowning, in this pain,
For, this woman, that now, is gone, her tears, are now, the rain,
I, stood by, and watched, her change, while watching, also, changed me,
As, I found, another love, her gift, was to, make me see.
That, the love, we gave to each, somehow, would set me free,
If, I stopped, to realize, the past, isn’t what, will be,
There, should really, be no pain, love, forever lives,
And this broken heart, inside, hopes, you can forgive.
I, am just, a simple man, asking, for the chance,
To prove, to you, my love is real, to rekindle, our romance,
To show, that love, can conquer all, as it has, for me,
It’s taken, all, my pain away, because, I love you....Marcy.
          Love lives.Forever.



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