To Marcy Howard

Is there some way that we can live,
In both the present and the past,
And if we could, does that mean,
The future’s a shadow cast,
Yet can all three somehow be found,
In a person who touches your soul,
Can you stand for that one alone,
When her absence leaves this hole.
If  who you are and what you feel,
Lives in her soft hands,
If she’s gone do you give up,
Or for what you found, forever stand,
In the past we held each other,
Yet in the present your gone,
Should you turn your back on love,
And let the past, make the future wrong.
All the things I found with you,
Once again made me believe,
And though many times I’ve been wrong,
With you, the futures achieved,
Our hearts now have each to hold,
With that knowledge, the future’s real,
As we forget both our pasts,
And believe in what we feel.
The answer is not letting go,
That would mean I have no faith in you,
But I know what I saw in your eyes,
It holds the past, present and figure too,
I love you and need you every moment,
We have our dream come true,
And as we hold each others  heart,
Love’s our past, present and future too!!
      Only you.



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