Piece of Peace

To Marcy Howard

We search for things that calm our hearts,
Or things that ease a worried mind,
Yet if we worry about what might go wrong,
We don’t have the time to find,
Peace might come in many forms,
Or a heart could be torn in pieces,
But if we take the time to feel,
What we found, it never ceases.
Happiness is a peace inside,
But becomes pieces if filled with doubt,
And if the skeletons have their way,
It seems there’s no way out,
Whispers come from all around,
The pieces of what other’s think,
But what good is an empty bottle,
Hell, there’s nothing there to drink.
Dreams in pieces leave us pain,
Because the dream is what we need,
Peace comes from fulfilled emotion,
It’s not supposed to make us bleed,
Peace is finding all your dreams,
With a person who is real,
As you become a piece of each,
Inside the things you truly feel.
There’s no such thing as a piece of real,
It’s an illusion without the soul,
Because pieces put together,
Are really what makes a whole,
Once the pieces find each other,
Happiness will not cease,
And though it seems we stand alone,
With love, we have our piece of peace.
.         Only you.



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