Holiday Hold


Bits and pieces through the years,
Are lost as the mind forgets,
Attempting to protect a broken heart,
Far beyond long held regrets,
At night we lay our head to rest,
But the loneliness rushes in,
And all the healing we think we have,
Still wonders where to begin.
The holiday season brings memories,
That seem more pleasant than today,
There’s nothing in them to experience,
We already lived yesterday.
A familiar show on the television,
That came from much simpler times,
Now the need to hurry up,
Is the tune sung by wind chimes.
The mind tries to relay the message,
That only the heart is true,
And every year when the holidays come,
My thoughts always turn to you,
I’ve tried to believe that I’m the grinch,
That through pain the heart shrunk in size,
But every holiday light I see,
Seems to punctuate that’s just a lie.
We might think of times long past,
Or think of things that never occurred,
Remembering back to when heart and mind,
Of love could only concur,
In the course of living life,
There are memories we protect,
Threads attaching mind and heart,
In a way to always connect.
As we suffer in our silence,
A voice rings loud and clear,
It’s love that whispers through the time,
That in our dreams each night we hear,
All the emotions that we own,
Just show we’re who we are,
And though we’ve traveled many miles,
Has it really been that far.
Late at night we realize,
It’s more important to have than hold,
With love embedded deep inside,
That lonely bed’s a little less cold,
If love is what you hold inside,
And for you I know I do,
And the only thing I need to hold,
Is this love I have for you.

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