Pieces of the Puzzle

To Marcy Howard

All our lives we put together, a puzzles many pieces,
Pieces large and pieces small, though its size may increase,
The picture at times is unclear, yet the image is still there,
Yet if a piece is taken or lost, life may become unclear.
As we struggle with the borders, our thoughts defy the mind,
And if that piece is missing, an unclear future we will find,
Though a picture can be clearly seen, it still is not complete,
As memories bring the image forth, inside a heart’s defeat.
The puzzles pieces in whole or part, can be seen with our eyes closed,
Even though we might reject, the pieces that we chose,
Inside our heads the pictures whole, the missing piece on the heart,
And only in dreams is it alive, when one piece is ripped apart.
The mind has the puzzle assembled, yet its heart lacks just one piece,
And with the piece that’s missing, its importance will increase,
As the piece is kept away, the future becomes unclear,
For without the pieces of the puzzle, the only clarity is in a tear.
.       YOU.



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