The Casket Remains

To Marcy Howard

A body rots, though it walks around,
Though walking, it’s already dead,
The lips might move, but there is no sound,
As the words echo, through the head,
The heart still beats, but with substance gone,
The inner battle, it seems is lost,
While the body you still see,
Counts love as it’s life’s cost.
The eyes now hold a vacant stare,
For they no longer see,
The things that they, now behold,
Hold pain they got for free,
A skeleton  lives, inside the flesh,
And when we die, only bone will stay,
As pain is all there’s left to feel,
When the nightmares come to play.
Though the heart still pumps the blood,
What reasons are there to care,
By the heart, the soul is torn,
Within the night’$ mortal fear,
The most important thing is gone,
As each day adds to the pains,
Without your love to light the way,
Only the casket remains.
.    Only you!



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