to Marcy Howard

Since, I know, no other way, to get my message, to you,
I had to find, an alternate route, to get, this message through,
Each of us, has those things, that at times, we have to say,
Past and present, ride along, and at times, get in, the way.
Memories, are a thing, that can build, yet also, destroy,
They can be, your future, or a defense, that you deploy,
Just remember, the important things, that from ashes, seem to rise,
But memories, could be all, you have, if your heart denies.
Remember, both, the good and bad, and those things, in between,
While your heart, is the scale, that weighs, what they, might mean,
Remember, those events, that make you feel, as you do,
Just base, those memories, on the facts, as reality, shines through.
Remember, we all, are human, we all, make our errors,
You can either, learn from them, or let them be, our night’s terrors,
As you remember, the recent past, the future, could slip by,
Wrapped inside, the tears, you shed, your heart’s, lost alibi.
As you remember, with eyes closed, does the memory, bring a smile,
Or do you, avoid those thoughts, of happiness, for awhile,
Remember, all those dreams, that, we both truly share,
All those things, in lost and found, are proof, that love, is here.



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