to Marcy Howard

Silence, holds, a bitter truth;it’s, all those things, left unsaid,
Though, we all, possess, a voice;the words, get lost, inside our heads,
We all, have mouths and all, have tongues;but, at times, to no avail,
All those things, we can not say;the truth, sometimes, assail.
While, we search, for a voice;time, can leave, it’s mark,
Though, we sometimes, whisper the words;alone and in the dark,
It does, no good, if no one hears;those thoughts, that are locked, inside,
As, the silence, hides the truth;but it’s, the person, that we hide.
If, you hold, someone, dear;and they seem, to see, something more,
Can, they know, who we are;is there, a way, to know for sure,
For if, they see, through, the veil;they see past, the doubts and fears,
And if, we recognize, that fact;there’s truth, inside, our tears.
We all hold, our sejf esteem;but is it, affected, by what others, think,
As, sometimes insecurities;make us, take, another drink,
Assumptions, can affect, us all;and gossip, does, as well,
For, incomplete information;is a, story, many tell.
Use, your voice, to ask, a question;to insure, the picture’s true,
For, judgement, can come, to anyone;to me, or even you,
Silence, leaves, nothing, to say;and in it, there’s nothing, to hold,
We all, could have, warmth and love;but, in silence, there’s only cold.



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