Stepping Stones

To Marcy Howard

Do our minds control forward progress, in a scene littered with broken hearts,
An endless stream of  pieces, with few endings yet many starts,
Do we make our lives better, with pieces of others dreams,
And do the whispers in the night, become our daily screams.
Is the world a sea of hearts, which we ignore inside our pain,
With the water tinted red, and our blood the falling rain,
Do we navigate our way, hoping to never get wet,
Stepping on the hearts of those, entangled in love’s net.
Do we jump from heart to heart, never caring to see,
Who or what we may destroy, whose dreams we kill for free,
Is each heart that we embrace, an attempt to avoid alone,
With each beating heart we take, a blood soaked stepping stone.
Each day as we remember, there are emotions we can’t let go,
Because as we feed on others hearts, the loneliness still grows,
Is the past just memories, of what our mirror has shown,
As all the broken hearts and dreams, have become love’s stepping stones.
.          Only you!



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