Somewhere Inside


The path ahead at times is lost,
Our hearts and minds confused,
The hopes and dreams we try to hold,
Along the way abused,
Life becomes a littered highway,
The body an empty shell,
While the cost of always being alone,
Is a nightly replaying hell.
If you awake soaked in sweat,
Reaching for someone not there,
Does that make it just a dream,
With a voice we can not hear,
Every day becomes a role,
That without thought we play,
And the nightmares living in the night,
Are the product of our days.
If we really stop to look,
Can our eyes truly see,
That all the things held in dreams,
Are our desires for a time free,
The things it takes an effort to hold,
Are they worth the effort exerted,
Because emotions held without any thought,
Are those dreams that remain unperverted.
We travel paths to us unknown,
Picking the way by what we feel,
And a dream that lives in darkness,
Isn’t something somehow less real,
Emotion holds its own pure light,
It’s rays shining through the dark,
And no matter what we try to do,
We can’t erase it’s mark.
Can the sunlight that each day we feel,
Provide light to the heart and soul,
Or is the light that love emits,
The light that restores the whole,
Though darkness may seem to surround us,
There exists a light we can’t hide,
It’s love that lights the darkness,
That at times exists inside.
Though clouds may seem to block the light,
Or it seems the sun wont shine,
If love lives on inside the heart,
It’s a light I can call mine,
So close your eyes with memories,
Enjoy love’s light awhile,
Love lives on inside the dark,
And it lives within your smile.

October 23rd,2016

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