Spring Time

To Marcy Howard

Splashes of green begin to adorn the trees,
Spring arrives, though somewhat late,
The browns and grays will slowly fade,
As the flowers approach their fate,
Their colorful beauty for all to see,
While the temperatures start to soar,
As the artists palette,
Has the rainbows colors in store.
Every spring new hope emerges,
As new beginnings fill the air,
Animals born so they can learn,
Before winter again, is here,
Our hearts and minds look forward,
To the cycle, coming fully around,
As we hold on to past events,
When love was finally found.
Through the harshness of the winter,
Planted seeds await their turn,
And hope springs forth eternal,
That to these arms you’ll return,
As the trees exhibit their foliage,
And the flowers colors speak in mime,
Keeping my belief in you alive,
Through life, until our spring time.
.         you



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