Swept Along

To Marcy Howard

As we apply our reasoning;as our logic is imposed,
Are we lost in those things;that we never show,
Do we sacrifice ourselves;do we live inside our shells,
Or are we all just the same;in our individual hells.
Does the tide always destroy;the sandcastles that we make,
Inside all the shattered dreams;and the hearts we seem to break,
Can the hope for the future;sustain us through the night,
Or does the tide take the sun;as we struggle with wrong and right.
The thought of one person;is my only goal,
Hoping that tomorrow;we is again made whole,
Though I found so much with you;why are we now alone,
As paradise has on its mask;and need is all that’s known.
Does the present get swept along;as we only think of cost;
Holding on to a love;that this world believes is lost,
In all the questions that we pose;you remain my song,
Even though the tide comes in;this love’s never swept along.
            Only you.



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