Sun and Moon

To Marcy Howard

As the moon shows its glow;and you see the pale moonlight,
Remember I am there with you;we walk together every night,
Day time may hold us far apart;yet I’m in every tear you cry,
And every moment that I’m alive;you live inside my eye.
Even though I’m far away;with a thought you’re here with me,
And while we feel all alone;by your side I’ll always be,
No matter what the future brings;no matter what’s said or done,
No matter how much pain we feel;we are each others sun.
Never have I judged you;and in you I’ll always believe,
In the moon light my soul holds  you;in the sun its you I see,
Though at times the darkness black;holds me inside chains,
You are the woman that I need;as we share our pain,
I will be all you need;for me you already are,
As the loneliness holds us both;I’ll be your shining star,
The night time sky with the moon;is the soulmate of the sun,
In the darkness or in the light;the sun and moon are one.
        Only you.



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