Sunlight's Stroke

To Marcy Howard

Does the sunlight stroke your face, as I used to do,
Lighting up those dark brown eyes, that sparkle shining through,
It seems through all the circumstance, that though the dream came true,
The sunlight left a shadow, that covered me and you.
As the sunlight showed the way, it tanned and darkened skin,
It provided light to darkened lives, allowed  two hearts to win,
Though at times there’s also rain, and storms may start their spin,
The thought the sun will come again, reminds whose arms I’m in.
All living things on this earth, need the sun to grow,
We need its rays to germinate, the flowers that will show,
It illuminates the shadows, and those things we already know,
Granting us the memory, of the things the past bestows.
The sunlight illuminates the fact, that this need will just increase,
And with the vision of your face, your light will never cease,
While the sunlight finds me alone, each day it gives me peace,
Each  day it gives me the night and dreams,
And it touches us both, at least.
       Only you!



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