Tear It Down

To Marcy Howard

Can caring become a heavy cross,
Which we force ourselves to bear,
And do the words that we spoke,
Keep floating, lost somewhere,
As a breeze brings the smell of rain,
Will the raindrops cleanse the heart,
Or will pain forever dwell,
In the hearts we’ve torn apart.
Walls are built as shelter,
As protection from the storms,
But what can really shield us,
When the memories attack in swarms,
Though invisible walls surround us,
Will they block out the things we feel,
And in our mind made prisons,
Can we recognize love is real.
As we build a growing wall,
It becomes more oppressive every day,
But we tear our walls down,
Would our minds still block the way,
We cracked the walls when we met,
Love brought a smile to the frown,
And with each others assistance,
Love, will tear it down.
.    You



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