The Burning Sky

to Marcy Howard

A fiery, sunset, fills, the sky;as the wind, sweeps, the clouds away,
It seems, the sky, is filled, with fire;that ends, the falling day,
As, I watch, this sunset, alone; memory, brings, a smile,
I’m, transported, back, in time;happier, for awhile.
I can see, beauty, unfold;but if, touched, it would burn,
For, the fire, that, billows out;it’s sight, all you earn,
Can you, apply, what, you see;to aspects, of your fate,
Or, is that sunset’s, fleeting glimpse;just what, your soul, creates.
Beauty seen and beauty held;are two, very, different things,
You, can not, own, a sunset;but it’s, memory, will sometimes bring,
Fulfillment, in, it’s purest sense;is that, fire, in the sky,
The passion and emotion;seen, in someone’s eye.
If, you, hold back, who you are;how, can someone, know,
That, the fire, which lives inside;will be, allowed to grow;
While I, think, of you, my dear;that fire, will light, my eyes;
And I will, patiently, wait, right here;beneath, the burning sky.



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