The Heart's Vision

To Marcy Howard

I hold forests in my head,
And hold trails in my heart,
I see greenery every where,
While wishing spring would start,
Everything I see right now,
Is cold and bathed in white,
Snow has covered everything,
Winter’s pure white light.
I see a cabin in the woods,
I see my true Love’s smile,
I feel all she goes through,
As I walk in the snow, for awhile,
I hold a vision in my heart,
My soul, needs its mate,
As we search the lost and found,
The day is getting late.
All the memories that we made,
Now are put on hold,
It feels as if the love we found,
For someone else was sold,
I see through the hurtful lies,
Feel your heart reach for me,
As you hide the love inside,
But Marcy, the heart can see.
The vision of my future,
Marcy, the vision is you,
As heart’s keep the vision,
In everything I do,
You might say a heart can’t see,
But in this case you are wrong,
This heart is only yours,
And your vision comes along!
        I love you!



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