I'll Be There

To Eileen and Marcy Howard

Close your eyes and dream, of, where you’d like to be,
And no matter, what your path, you can count, on me,
While the sky, remains, I’ll do any thing, I can,
For you’re, the single people, who turned a child, into a man.
Close you eyes and relax, keep that smile, on your face,
Imagine pleasant things, us... in another place,
If ever, you feel lonely, on me, you can call,
In any time, of need, whether, large or small.
Use me, to keep happy, use me, if you’re scared,
Because, I will chase away, those things, that you fear,
And when, this world, becomes, to much, to bear,
I will, take your pain, and store it inside, somewhere.
I would, gladly trade, with you, just to spare you pain,
Because, no matter, what I do, there are things, you can’t regain,
No one, can imagine, the things, you toil, through,,
But, you can call my name, and I’ll, be there for you.



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