The River of Tears

To Penny

Inside a story that’s common,
In a place that’s built on dreams,
There exists a thing of legend,
A hidden endless stream,
Hopes and dreams might float away,
Yet its something rarely seen,
And as we close our eyes and think,
Is there something that it means.
You might think there’s sadness there,
But tears aren’t just from pain,
Sometimes they might fall from joy,
Or for thoughts we find inane,
Tears that fall from swollen eyes,
Combine across this earth,
Accumulating as time goes by,
Our emotions real worth.
And if the torrent swells and grows,
It washes clean the heart,
But we can know it soon will wane,
Can its result be healing’s start,
When you gaze upon that river,
Do we add to it’s flow,
Are our tears from heartfelt joy,
Or from pain that seems to grow.
Though these salty drops might fall,
Is there meaning as they drop,
Do they wash away the source,
Do we wonder if they’ll stop,
Hopes and dreams if real survive,
But our hearts might still have fears,
And each of us at sometime sails,
On a real River of Tears.



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