Always Know


As I’ve wandered through this life,
There are things remembered and things forgot,
Holding regrets we all seem to have,
And those things we miss a lot,
Our thoughts revolve around those things,
That move us to our souls,
While we live with all our dreams,
In our ever changing roles.
Thoughts and emotions drive our lives,
As we look past the coming night,
Keeping love alive in hearts,
To become our guiding light,
There are those things that haunt our dreams,
With those things that drive our hearts,
Drowning in the constant swirl,
Yet enamored by love’s start.
We hold to thing that are thought insane,
But each person see’s their way,
At times ignoring the things inside,
But alive with what our hearts say,
So many things seem to come and go,
Though many things live on,
Driving our actions every day,
Insuring that love’s never gone.
Courage comes in many forms,
And it differs from me to you,
A thing thought simple can be vary hard,
If tomorrow refuses to come through,
For some a thing comes easy,
But for others it’s a difficult task,
And if it’s hidden for many years,
Is there some way to take off the mask.
Through the years I’ve learned so much,
Yet some lessons never took,
All the questions pile up,
To become the page of our books,
We try so hard to forget,
While we remember so much more,
Things we need in our lives,
That live inside our core.
Experience teaches many things,
With our hearts our driving force,
Pain and pleasure live in us,
Mixed with our happiness and remorse,
We find those thing important to us,
And there are things we can never let go,
While the fact that I really do love you,
Is something I hope you’ll always know.

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