Sometimes we travel back in time,
To a happier time and place,
Our dreams hinged on inner thoughts,
The memory of a face,
Unknowingly we take the journey,
And we arrive with little thought,
Never fully realizing,
We’re at the place we sought.
Somehow without knowing,
Our lightpost becomes a smile,
That place where happy is real,
Hearts wanting to stay awhile,
Our hearts provide the direction,
For this journey we don’t know we make,
An unconscious path to follow,
That’s unseen in our heart breaks.
The land of memories confronts us,
With it’s all to familiar taste,
Making us wish we were there,
That this emotion didn’t seem a waste,
The emotion wasn’t thrown away,
Was the soul split in two,
Yet still it feels a happier time,
The moments I still have with you.
The heart holds on to that emotion,
Love for you it can’t let go,
As our minds carry us to that place,
Where in the heart it still grows,
Though the scenery is always changing,
We know when we arrive,
That place where the seeds were planted,
Where the smile was real not contrived.
As we arrive at our destination,
A face greets us with a smile,
And when the here and now closes in,
We return to this place awhile,
In the heart love still lives,
Something along the way we found,
Memory is just what it is,
And it can’t be pushed around.
We manipulate our surroundings,
As we hide the things we feel,
Yet we travel to a remembered smile,
And emotion we know is real,
Our dreams might live in tomorrow,
But love lives in the heart,
And as long as the soul keeps love alive,
Tomorrow can’t keep us apart.

February 1st, 2017

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