To Marcy Howard

Tomorrow becomes a question,
That each day we never pose,
As the heart and soul are sure,
But the mind pretends it doesn’t know,
Yesterday you gave me hope,
And hope may be all I possess,
But your memory keeps me alive,
While today becomes the test.
I hold the memory of your touch today,
Begun by two lonely hearts yesterday,
And as the days come and go,
Its you I hold today,
No one will miss the pain and tears,
The memories come each night,
Of a star filled evening,
Beneath a sky of moonlight.
Yesterday paves the way for today,
With tomorrow held in our hearts,
As we hold each other tight,
Until the past departs,
I hold you with my memory,
While we love each other still,
Though yesterday tore us apart,
It doesn’t mean it always will.
My yesterday is held by you,
My today is in your eyes,
My tomorrow is held in your smile,
But is hidden by disguise,
And yesterday I walked with you,
Forever we’ll never walk alone,
As today holds the happy thought,
Tomorrow is what we were shown.
Yesterday we were put together,
Shown the other half of our souls,
And every day you’re in my thoughts,
Two halves become the whole,
Today I am with you,
Tomorrow, we’ll again be free,
Yesterday will not matter,
I’ll be with you and you’ll be with me.
    ONLY YOU!!!!!



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