Welcome Change

To Marcy Howard

Change is hard for anyone, the fear of things we’re shown,
Leaving something comfortable, to embrace a thing unknown,
It might seem like climbing a mountain, with no equipment and no ropes,
But it doesn’t have to be a thing, that kills our dreams and hopes.
It all depends on desire, how much we want something new,
Whether the experiences found, are worth going through,
It’s like jeans that we hold onto, comfortable, faded and worn,
And without chances taken, new things can’t be born.
If we really think of it, change happens every day,
And as we hold on to the past, hearts will show the way,
Hopes and dreams are something good, but without change are not achieved,
Passion makes the chance be taken, so the future’s not deceived.
Meeting you changed my life, you’re the woman I need,
The chance we took is worth it, no matter if we might bleed,
Waiting is taking the ultimate chance, though all we have is time,
A change occurred the day we met, and this hearts no longer mine.
Change is the thing we need, yet we wonder if we could,
And all the whispers that we hear, make us question if we should,
It’s a choice to stand for love, it’s a chance waiting for you,
I embrace what we found, and forgetting about you I just can’t do.
.      You



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