Starry Heart


Open arms reach towards the heavens,
As the heart holds up it’s dreams,
And though the things inside are silent,
In the head they sound like screams,
Stars shine down on a solitary soul,
All the tears hidden in the night,
Existing solely for an emotion,
Love the only light.
Eyes are closed but stars are seen,
And a parade of dreams flash by,
A rainbow in the darkness,
That somehow keeps the heart alive,
A world in un imagined pain,
Yet the heart refuses to let go,
Knowing that all it found with you,
Is what it needs to grow.
A substitute for tomorrow,
We live for the dark of night,
Embracing the emotion in a dream,
With love a lonely light,
In a prison we call today,
Hopes and dreams remove the bars,
And as the stars light our way,
They heal long held scars.
The heart still has it’s steady beat,
And that beat travels to the soul,
An emotion believed impossible,
With open arms to fill the role,
As stars twinkle in the sky,
The mind sees sparkling eyes,
While somewhere in the mist of time,
Is that paradise the mind denies.
A falling star streaks across the sky,
A dream with unfurled wings,
Held within the beating heart,
And the voice of love still sings,
Dreams might be beaten or broken,
While others lie in pieces,
But every second the heart’s alive,
The love it holds never ceases.
A dream might torture a troubled mind,
But that dream is validated by the heart,
As love lives through any condition,
Though it’s need fills every part,
Starlight seems to emphasize,
That our dreams are points of light,
As the heart each day protects the love,
That it found one starry night.

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